I am a independent filmmaker and a freelance videographer with over ten years of work experience in Film and TV. Passionate about film since a young age I write, shoot and edit. I am orienting myself towards animation, an early passion of mine. Learning 2D animation and shooting a stop motion short film I am actively seeking work in Animation.

I first completed a three year TV broadcast apprenticeship in Berlin, Germany in which I received practical training in production and post-production of Audio- visual content, news, documentaries, commercials, educational films and multimedia products. I then completed a Film and TV Bachelor at the London School of the Arts, College of Communication and I intend to enter an Animation Master course in the coming years. For now I am taking 2D animation evening classes and shoot a short stop motion film. Working in Animation is my vision.

Name :



Hughes Des Etages


Paris, Berlin, London


imagine, shoot, edit, draw, animate


Apprenticeship in TV Broadcast

OSZKIM, School of communication, Berlin, Germany

Bachelor’s Degree

London School of the Arts, College Of Communication, UK


Apprenticeship in Animation Studio

2D and 3D  training, Arobase Studio, Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Master’s Degree

I work towards my vision: to enter a MA course in animation

I write, produce, shoot, edit fiction films, documentaries and social advertising films. My passion for animation drives me towards animation film and TV production

Die Trennung, 8mm, 6min

Shot with a Super 8 camera this experimental film shows the dispute and ultimately the break up of a young couple

Die Augen Von Manni, fiction short, HDV, 5min,

Die Augen von Mann ( With the eyes of Manni), tells the story of a homeless man  who has invited some friends over for dinner. Problem is, he has no food nor drinks to offer and needs to go find some if he wants to have a good night

Kein Mensch ist Illegal, social advert, HDV, 90 sec


No Human is illegal is a social advertisement for an NGO working for the rights of refugees and asylum seekers, through an imaginary dialog between two children discussing a land full of luxuries and abundance but where they are not allowed to live

W.H.O fights domestic violence, social advert, HDV, 90 sec

W.H.O is a social advertisement for an NGO raising awareness on victims of domestic violence. Showing the contrasting reality of a couple, how they portray themselves on the outside and what goes on behind close doors

Haiti’s revival, social advert, HDV, 90 sec

After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, the island is devastated. This experimental video raises awareness on Haiti and its surviving people

The pink advert, social advert, HDV, 90 sec

The pink advert is a social advertisement spot for LGBT rights and awareness, telling the story of two boys in the 70s London


Madame Bijoux, fiction short, 16mm, 5min



Shot in 16mm this shortfilm tells the story of an old couple, through their daily life we witness an aging but caring couple. But the wife slowly looses her mind.

MrChan-Train 18, Documentary, HD, 20min

Mr Chan, a 90 years old man puts an action camera on one of his miniature trains and rediscovers with a new perspective the miniature world he has created. Through this world he built and loves to describe MrChan shows us his love for life itself

I worked for over a decade in the TV industry as a poly-skilled technician for various channels across Europe, in France, Germany and the UK.